Helpful Hints

You may be surprised at how quickly you get used to your appliances. You can still play sports and musical instruments. But you do need to be careful of your appliances because they can be easily damaged. Follow some of the tips below.

When you eat:

Softer foods are better- especially in the first few days after you get your braces on. Soups, pastas, and smoothies are all good choices. When you're more comfortable eating harder foods, cut things up into bite size pieces. Also, avoid hard breads, corn on the cog, popcorn, and especially chewing gum (all types!).

When you play sports:

Wear a mouthguard! But you need to get a special mouthguard from the office that fits over your braces. Just ask us! It helps protect your appliances and keep them from getting broken.

Caring for your appliances:

If a wire gets loose gently tuck the wire back in place with a blunt object such as the eraser end of a pencil. If you can't nudge the wire back, cover the end with a piece of wax. Then give our office a call.